W elcome   to   the   official   Bio   Total   Hip   website   which   covers   information   on   a   unique,   patented medical innovation created by decades of knowledge and research.   An innovative and much less complicated surgical procedure which has the potential to make hip prosthesis surgery obsolete will soon be available. With over 25 years in advanced orthopaedic surgery, Dr. Javier M. Cabrera, LMS. FICS. found a need  to create new surgical procedures for the treatment of osteoarthrosis to damaged joints. This website has the information about a unique/patented idea that will benefit health authorities, research centers, manufacturers of surgical instruments, surgeons, and an ever growing list of world wide patients seeking a better and much needed treatment as opposed to current hip and joint surgical options available.   . The medical approach towards osteoarthritis is wrong due to the fact that the initial lesion in the articular cartilage which triggers the destruction of the joint due to wear and tear is treated with palliative therapies. This is done with the idea that sooner or later we will need expensive and dreaded total joint prosthesis surgery. Read on for historical facts on prosthesis surgery plus facts and figures on a worldwide arthritic epidemic which affects millions of young and old people ‘Total joint prosthesis surgery is economically draining the National health services and Authorities world wide’ Today’s total hip prosthesis surgery remains highly invasive and  aggressive: Requires the removal of large amounts of healthy bone Most healthy bone is replaced with metal  prosthesis Hip replacement surgery destroys the integrity of joint capsules Expensive to the health provider and patient, with long and immobile recovery periods to patients of any age. An increased risk of post-operative complications such as component  failure, infection and metal corrosion. Total Hip Prosthesis Surgery has historically held a high economic and  environmental prize tag.   The time to minimize the complexity of hip replacement surgery is overdue.    A new and innovative approach to perform arthroscope to reshape and resurface joints with bio materials will repair lesions as soon as they are diagnosed which will prevent osteoarthritis and its debilitating consequences. Prosthesis surgery is synonymous to the old methods of dentistry when it was standard practise to remove teeth rather than drill out decay, then resurface the tooth. The current procedure for Arthrosis surgery is to remove most of the bone structure to treat a superficial problem.   Utilizing the Bio Hip method, its possible to reshape and resurface joint surfaces with Bio materials just as today’s dentists treat tooth decay to avoid further destruction of healthy teeth.
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Persistent Problems with Hip Surgery Hip replacement Surgery with its countless problems and risks.
A Historic journey through Hip replacement surgery and the men behind the innovations.
The Innovation and technology The innovative design and technology creating a brighter future for Hip Surgery.  
Do We Need to Expend $83 Billion in Joint Prosthesis? In the ‘Journal of Arthritis’ Dr. J. Cabrera expresses how its become unnecessary for Joint prosthesis surgery and reveals exciting innovative solutions which will lead the way forward    
more info more info Back A well known approach.. We should be imitating the way dentists resurface cavities, instead of allowing the destruction and removal of healthy bone. more info more info www.biototalhip.com
Osteoarthrosis- How Bio Hip can help rid the world of Arthritic pain.
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